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The school has a set of Grievance Procedures that will assist parents in relation to issues that they may experience as a result of happenings at school.

These procedures are based around the internal school structures but parents also have access to the DECD Parent Complaint Unit.


1. If you have an issue about something that has happened at school the first step is to contact your child's teacher. It is likely that your child's teacher has information relating to the incident/ concern and is able to assist you to understand what has happened. You may need to set up a meeting time as the teacher has classroom responsibilities.

2. If you are not satisfied with the responses that you get then you can ask to see one of the School Leadership Team. (Principal or Deputy Principal) This might mean having to organise an appointment so that you have uninterrupted time to discuss your concerns. The Leadership Team are likely to have to investigate the issue and so there could be a time delay before they can get back to you to discuss what they have found out and to plan an action together with you.

3. In some cases, you may not be happy with the result of this meeting and so you can contact the Western Adelaide Regional Education Office on 08 84167333 to discuss your concern or set up an appointment with a regional education officer. These officers will help to explain the way in which schools operate and will undertake to speak with the school if necessary to try and resolve the issue.

4. If this is not successful, then you can contact the Parent Complaint Unit on 1800 677 435. This unit will look into your concern and attempt to support you to resolve the issue. There is more information about this unit and the processes they use on the following website.


or email DECD.parentcomplaint@sa.gov.au

It is our hope that we can work with you to reach a resolution at the local level (Step 1 or 2) and that we have a harmonious relationship with our school community.

Our School Values form the basis of all that we do here at Fulham North Primary School.

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