Fulham North Primary School



Department for Education and Child Development






  • To provide a safe learning environment for all members of the Fulham North Primary School Environment
  • To raise awareness of all members of the community regarding anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions)

What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals that can cause difficulty in breathing, throat swelling, a drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness and in some cases, rapid death. The reaction may be due to an insect bite, medications and immunisations, food or pollen.


To minimise the risk to individuals, the following management strategies are in place:

Parents and Caregivers:

  • Are requested NOT to send food to school that contains nuts, especially peanuts. This includes products such as peanut butter, Nutella, all nuts and cooking oil and other food that may contain nuts.
  • Will be informed of this policy at the start of each school year and on enrolment


  • Are encouraged to wash hands after eating
  • Are encouraged not to share food

Students and staff who are identified with severe allergic reactions need to have a Health Care Plan (signed by their doctor or specialist) that should include:

  • Detail of triggers
  • Early warning signs
  • First aid action to be taken
  • Emergency and medical contact details


  • Will participate in training from St John’s or Red Cross in understanding and dealing with Anaphylaxis
  • Will be made aware of students who have anaphylactic reactions through identifying cards in the front of all roll books and in yard duty bags


  • Will comply with this policy


The policy will be promoted by:

  • Information in the school newsletter
  • Letters home to all families at the start of each school year
  • New families to the school being informed on enrolment and in the information package
  • Governing Council support
  • Continual reinforcement by teachers and the newsletter
  • Staff being informed and provided with training opportunities

The school acknowledges that due to food processing practices it is impractical to eliminate nuts and nut products entirely from the environment where there is food.