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Our Values - Communication

Department for Education and Child Development




This Means
Appreciating others perspectives when engaging in conversation and delivering and receiving information clearly and appropriately.
As Students

• Listening to others / being a good listener

• Giving eye contact to the speaker

• Being a confident speaker

• Speaking clearly

• Using good manners

• Cooperating with each other

• Putting our hand up to speak

• Using positive body language

• Taking home and bringing back notes

As Staff

• Being succinct

• Taking correct turns in speaking through the Chair at staff meetings

• Being an active listener

• Using appropriate body language and eye contact

• Regularly using and evaluating effective communication methods

• Using constructive open and honest communication

• Modelling appropriate communication styles for appropriate situations and audiences

• Keeping up to date by reading internal communication processes

• Completing class, administration and Department of Education and Children’s Services (DECS) communication requirements on time

• Using correct processes to inform others of where we are

• Being prepared in leaving programs for class relievers

• Distribute information effectively

• Sharing student work & achievements in class and school newsletters

As a School Community

• Parents attending 3 way interviews

• Returning consent forms etc to classroom teachers/office on time

• Notifying the school of absences

• Updating information about each child annually and when changes occur

• Reading the ‘North Talk’ newsletter

• Keeping informed about future developments and achievements

• Parents and teachers using the school diaries to inform, query issues etc

• Encouraging communication channels between the school and the wider school community eg kindergartens, high schools and businesses

• Acknowledging the contribution of parents to school activities

• Making available Governing Council policy, handbooks and minutes of meetings to all parents

• Tabling Student Executive and committee minutes at Governing Council

• Being representatives on subcommittees.