Fulham North Primary School


About Us - Values
Our Values - Confidence

Department for Education and Child Development




This Means
Generating self-belief by taking risks in learning, displaying initiative and actively participating in school activities.
As Students

• Taking part in school performances and events

• Believing in ourselves

• Speaking clearly in front of the class

• Accepting new challenges in our learning

• Taking risks with our learning

• Standing up for ourselves and each other

• Putting up our hand and sharing information

• Working on our own

• Being willing to have a go

• Being prepared to contribute to class activities

• Asking for help

As Staff

• Sharing new learning with staff

• Running professional development for staff

• Taking on responsibility for extra curricular activities

• Sharing professional judgement

• Acting as a coach or mentor

• Trialling new teaching approaches

• Taking risks in new learning

• Setting and working towards achievable goals

As a School Community

• Parents actively participating in school activities eg subcommittees, Governing Council, working bees, coaching sports, canteen, the Learner Assistance Program (LAP)

• Encouraging students to take on new challenges

• Being prepared to take on new challenges

• Championing school pride within the wider community

• Providing and accessing opportunities for development of parents, including coaching workshops etc

• Working together towards achievable goals.

• Being involved in completing grant applications