Fulham North Primary School


About Us - Values
Our Values - Getting Along

Department for Education and Child Development




This Means
Cooperating with others in a friendly and fair manner while respecting and accepting our physical, cultural and personal differences.
As Students

• Using 5 L’s

• Being friendly

• Sharing resources

• Taking turns

• Including others in activities

• Helping clean up

• Working quietly

• Listening to others

• Respecting others

• Making friends and being a friend

• Being honest

• Accepting new people

• Including people in our games

• Having fun

• Cooperating with others

• Helping and being supportive of others

• Thinking equally of others

• Sharing

• Following our school values and behaviour code

As Staff

• Being welcoming to others

• Giving positive feedback and encouraging others

• Being flexible and supportive

• Assisting and supporting each other

• Taking on different roles and sharing leadership • Socialising at school functions

• Creating opportunities to have fun and displaying a sense of humour

• Recognising and embracing others strengths and differences

• Taking responsibility for our collective duties and workloads

As a School Community

• Supporting activities associated with the school for example, fund-raising and sport

• Being welcoming to others, especially new parents

• Ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate in school activities

• Socialising at school functions

• Recognising the achievements of students and parents eg in Governing Council minutes and in Northtalk

• Acting as role models by respecting the general rules of the school environment

• Taking on different roles and sharing the leadership on committees and at Governing Council

• Accepting the majority point of view in decision-making in Governing Council

• Respecting other people's choices

• Parents and teachers working together in the children's best interests