Fulham North Primary School


About Us - Values
Our Values - Life Long Learning

Department for Education and Child Development




This Means
Constantly developing new skills and new learning by effectively gathering and processing information and constantly setting & achieving new goals
As Students

• Being independent

• Willing to learn

• Having dreams

• Setting goals to improve and working towards achieving them

• Planning our time

• Learning new skills

• Improving our computer skills / being computer literate

• Having a positive attitude to new challenges

• Knowing how to find and use information

• Developing research skills

• Developing our reading, writing and numeracy skills

• Enjoying learning

• Always trying hard

• Taking responsibility for our learning and behaviour

• Having a positive attitude to new challenges

• Taking responsibility for your own learning

• Celebrating achievements

As Staff

• Being positive towards new challenges

• Thinking outside the square

• Being informed and keeping abreast of educational reforms

• Identifying personal growth plans

• Developing information literacy skills

• Reflecting on our own practice and taking appropriate action

• Attending training and development

• Being self-motivated

As a School Community

• Being adaptable to change.

• Being receptive to innovative ideas.

• Keeping up-to-date with contemporary issues facing schools which require Governing Council input

• Being open to ideas raised by the subcommittees

• Supporting and attending training sessions to gain new skills

• Encouraging students to face new challenges

• Offering to assist in classrooms to learn new skills