Fulham North Primary School


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Our Values - Organisation

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This Means
Effectively managing ourselves & our time to be prepared for school? routines and tasks, meet deadlines and use resources responsibly
As Students

• Having our books and equipment ready

• Having a clean workspace / having a tidy desk and tray

• Bringing notes, equipment, newsletters etc to and from home

• Planning our time

• Completing tasks when set

• Setting goals for our learning

• Listening to and following instructions

• Being prepared for school routines

• Being responsible for our belongings

• Avoiding wasting time and staying on task

• Completing homework

• Using a diary to record tasks and information

As Staff

• Keeping shared spaces and learning areas tidy

• Being punctual

• Taking care of and returning books and equipment

• Being prepared for responsibilities and roles

• Displaying up to date timetables

• Completing tasks within required time frames

• Referring to and following school processes

• Engaging in quality planning cycles

As a School Community

• Returning all forms to school promptly

• Ensuring that children arrive at school on time

• Collecting children on time

• Being on time to meetings

• Formalising processes for meetings and taking accurate minutes

• Providing copies of the minutes ahead of time for the next meeting

• Ensuring school fees, uniforms, excursion levy etc are paid

• Completing tasks within the required time frame

• Being involved in committees to share the load