Fulham North Primary School


About Us - Values
Our Values - Persistence

Department for Education and Child Development




This Means
Taking personal responsibility for setting goals, developing new skills & learning and having a positive attitude to new challenges
As Students

• Trying to improve our skills

• Working hard to achieve our goals

• Always doing our best

• Saying “I can do it” – using positive self-talk

• Never giving up

• Being open to new ideas

• Trying new things

• Staying on task

• Completing set tasks

• Checking work for mistakes

• Asking for help

As Staff

• Recognising that we constantly need to develop new skills by undertaking professional development in school priorities and areas of interest and need

• Encouraging others by acknowledging effort and participation

• Being open to change, innovation and new solutions for ourselves and our students

• Being prepared to take risks

• Setting short and long term goals

• Sharing successes and challenges

• Remaining positive when faced with difficulties

• Providing authentic tasks to develop students’ skills

As a School Community

• Being open to new ideas, change and innovation

• Providing an environment where it is "safe to have a go."

• Parents encouraging children to persist with tasks

• Setting goals

• Role modelling working to achieve goals / tasks

• Sharing successes and challenges

• Taking considered risks.

• Recognizing and being supportive of behaviours that allow children to achieve their goals

• Addressing issues at Governing Council until they are resolved