Staff of 2018

Fulham North Primary School has an enthusiastic, professional staff that are highly committed to our school, student welfare and improving student learning outcomes. Our staff comprises of class teachers, specialist teachers in Music/ Performing Arts, Indonesian and PE, School Services Officers (SSOs) in both curriculum and administration services and a leadership team consisting of the Principal, Deputy Principal and two Coordinators.

We also have teachers on staff who have the responsibility of supporting students with Special Needs and Students who have English as their Second Language.

Leadership Team
Marcus KnillPrincipal
Kristian RawlingsDeputy Principal
Briony WakefieldTeaching and Learning Coordinator
Primary Years
Sally LoweTeaching and Learning Coordinator
Early Years
Teaching Staff
Sophia KatsiokalisFoundationRoom 5
Kylie MillerFoundationRoom 7
Sally Lowe
Alana Nairn
Foundation / Year 1Room 6
Di SmithYear 1Room 1
Johanna Spicer
Alana Nairn
Year 1/2Room 2
Wendy Chugg
Gill Ryan
Year 2Room 22
Irene Gray
Gill Ryan
Year 2Room 23
Rebekah WilkinsonYear 3Room 16
Peta Corbett
Stasi Dimkou
Year 3Room 17
Lisa Tredrea
Year 4 / 5Room 18
Mary FabrisYear 4 / 5Room 19
Peter HuttonYear 4 / 5Room 20
Sally Fletcher
Briony Venhoek
Year 4 / 5Room 21
Dean CuttsYear 6 / 7Room 9
Monica BernoYear 6 / 7Room 10
Shannon MowlingYear 6 / 7Room 11
Melissa Harris
Stasi Dimkou
Year 6 / 7Room 12
Briony WakefieldIndonesian
Foundation - Year 7
Room 8
Nicole HookePerforming Arts
Years 4-7
Phillis Hall
Heather McDonaldPerforming Arts
Foundation - Year 3
Phillis Hall / Room 8
Alana NairnPE
Foundation - Year 2
Cory SelfPE
Foundation - Year 7
Michele RussellLibrarian
Ellen YeomanLibrarian
Kristin MartinEnglish as an Additional Language or Dialect
Support / Ancillary Staff
Wendy AdcockFinance
Tracy BeatonClassroom Support
Jenny ButlerAdministration
Angela FedeleClassroom Support
Sue GardinerLibrary / Classroom Support
David HarveyIT Technician
Mathew HodgmanStudent Support
Themi KaratzovalisClassroom Support
Lucy LeeAdministration / Classroom Support
Ian NadebaumGroundsman
Maria SchuitOSHC Director
Leanna SmithClassroom Support
Mary TasefCanteen Manager
Rachel TateraPastoral Care Worker
Laura ZankerAdministration