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Fulham North Primary School is a vibrant, warm and friendly school of approximately 430 students catering for the learning needs of children from Reception to Year 7.

Programs in place to continually support our positive learning environment inclusive of all learners include:

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills embedded into the teaching program of all classes

  • English as an Additional Language / Dialect (EALD) support provided for students who require it

  • Special Education Support for eligible students

  • Be Active –Lets Go, a physical activity / healthy life style focus

  • Specialist Peforming Arts Program (incorporating Music, Dance and Drama)

  • Opportunities for extensive involvement in school sports programs

Our six School Values underpin the operations of our school:

Getting Along
Life Long Learning

These core values are clearly defined and lived by all members of our school community, including students, staff and parents.

At Fulham North Primary School we actively promote the importance of learning, continually providing opportunities for students in their academic, social and emotional development. We strongly promote active citizenship in our students and have a healthy student voice program in operation.

Literacy and Numeracy have a strong focus in our school and are taught daily in all classrooms. We continually endeavour to improve our students’ literacy and numeracy outcomes, with our success in this area evident in the nation-wide Literacy and Numeracy Testing where our school continually scores above the state average.

At Fulham North we actively encourage the development of strong and healthy relationships between our school and our students’ families. We firmly believe that a strong partnership between home and school actively benefits the learning outcomes and enjoyment of the learning process experienced by our students. We certainly hope that through your interest in your child’s learning journey that you feel very much an important part of our school and welcome to be involved in our school community as much as you wish.

We look forward to speaking to you and answering any further queries you may have about our school.

Contact us on: 08 8356 9272 

email: dl.1166_info@schools.sa.edu.au


Steve Marshall


Russell Barwell

Deputy Principal