At Fulham North Primary School Cory Selfe and Alex Rogers run our Physical Education Program. We provide two lessons of PE a week per class. Both teachers are incredibly passionate about teaching PE and see themselves as lifelong learners in physical activity which is passed on to our students.

Our junior primary students are exposed to a wide range of fundamental movements that are associated with sports.  Our lessons are designed for students to do most of their learning through movement to gain a greater understanding of how to achieve the best results and display great sportsmanship at all times.  Middle and upper primary students use these skills and transfer them into game like scenarios. Students are taught to develop and understand more complex concepts, movement strategies and learn to overcome them.

Our PE program exposes students to a wide range of different sports throughout the year including Golf, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Table Tennis and Athletics. This allows students to not only gain a greater understanding but also achieve a wider skill set that enables them to be lifelong learners of physical education.

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