Governing Council

Governing Council is a formal decision making body of our school and comprises of the Principal, 2 elected staff representatives, 10 elected parent representatives and guest Student Forum Executives when relevant.

Elections for Council take place at the Annual General Meeting held in February each year.

Governing Council is responsible for overseeing the financial management of the school with the Principal, for advising (as representatives of the whole school community) on matters including facilities, policies and curriculum issues.

Council meetings are held on Monday evenings, once a month at 7.00pm in the school Staff Room. Meeting dates are set at the beginning of each year, as they will fall a week after Finance Meetings that occur 7-10 days after the end of each month. This ensures we have a finance report at each Council Meeting.

All meetings are open and any parent may attend as an observer/visitor, however only members may vote on decisions that need to be made.

If you have any issues that you would like taken to Council, please contact one of our Council Members and they will ensure it is added to the agenda for the next meeting.

Governing Council has a number of sub-committees that focus on a particular aspect of school management. They generally meet twice a term at a time that suits members. All sub-committees report back to Governing Council. You do not need to be a member of Council to be on a sub-committee.

If you are interested in being involved on a sub-committee please contact either the Chairperson or Principal for information. Current sub-committees include Finance, Fundraising, Facilities, School Sport , OSHC and Canteen.

Meeting Dates for 2021

AGM Monday 8th February 7pm

Monday 22nd February 7pm

Monday 23rd March 7pm

Monday 10th May 7pm

Monday 21st June 7pm

Monday 2nd August 7pm

Monday 6th September 7pm

Monday 25th October 7pm

Monday 6th December 6:30pm