The Fulham North HIP Program supports students identified as having high intellectual potential which requires additional support. The Program is divided into the Mini HIP Program for children from Foundation to Year 2 and the HIP Program for students in years 3 to 6.


The program in its current form was developed over three years from late 2018. Students work with the HIP teacher to design full day courses around inquiries that interest them. Content is set at a high intellectual level where discourse is encouraged. In class support is provided to both students and teachers.

Mini HIP

This program began in Term 3 2021. Students attend a 100-minute session every fortnight with the HIP teacher. The group use play, investigations and higher order thinking skills to explore subjects and issues that pique their interest. Developing relationships with other like-minded students and confidence in their intellectual capacity are important facets of this program.


Fulham North Primary School