The Festival of Music is a school based music education program delivered by the SA Public Primary Schools’ Music Society and the Department for Education.

With its genesis in 1891 as the Thousand Voice Choir, the program has been an integral part of South Australian life and stands as an official State Icon.  The program reaches thousands of primary and secondary children annually and allows children opportunities to perform at prestigious venues, such as the Adelaide Festival Theatre and Entertainment Centre. 

Fulham North Primary School has a long and proud tradition of involvement with the Festival of Music. The school funds affiliation with the Festival to access resources each year, including professional development for the choir’s school based conductor, provision of an accompanist at rehearsals and the right to send choristers to the Festival.  The school also includes Festival Choir rehearsals in the duties of its Performing Arts teacher. 

The Fulham North Festival Choir is a year 6 and 7 elective choir, which rehearses once a week in school time.  It has a reputation for excellence, earning an A grading from the Festival’s assessment team almost every year.  The choir is often selected for the special honour of being in row one at the Festival where a high performance standard is essential.

The Fulham North Percussion Band was established in 2012 and has successfully auditioned as Assisting Artists in the Festival 5 times.

Each year the school has students who achieve roles as Vocal Soloists, Assisting Artists, Hosts or members of the Orchestra or Dance/Drama Troupe.

In 2018 the Festival Choir consisted of 36 students with equal gender representation for the first time. The choir received an A grading for its assessment and was selected as the row one choir for it’s concert.  One of the choristers was selected to sing a solo. The Fulham North Percussion Band performed as Assisting Artists.

Two Fulham North students were selected to host concerts while three students played in the South orchestra on percussion, violin and trumpet.

Fulham North was represented in 7 of the 12 concerts in the series.

Fulham North Primary School Choir back stage before the show



The Fulham North Percussion Band in their dressing room after their performance.

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