Students are required to wear the Fulham North Primary School uniform.  Wearing school uniform ensures that children are dressed appropriately in clothes that observe health, safety and decency standards and are practical for a wide range of physical activities and weather conditions.

Wearing a school uniform gives our students a sense of belonging to our school community and removes competition and peer pressure in terms of fashion.

On any occasion when students are leaving the school grounds (unless otherwise advised) students will be in school uniform.  This is so our students can be easily identified when we are out and to show school pride.

Students are required to wear a hat during terms 1 & 4 for Physical Education Lessons and all playtimes.

To view our Uniform Policy please click here.

School Uniforms are able to be purchased through our uniform shop which is open on:

Tuesdays      8:30am to 9:00am

Thursdays     2:45pm to 3:15pm

Order forms are also available through the Front Office.

Please click the links below for uniform prices and order form:

Uniform Order Form and Prices