School Captains 2021

Fulham North Primary School has a tradition of appointing female and male captains each year. School Captains are chosen by staff and senior school students following consideration against the following criteria:

  • Leadership – responsibility, reliability, initiative, self-confidence and respect by peers
  • Example – appropriate behaviour, common sense, curtesy and wearing uniform
  • Public Speaking – articulate delivery, confidence and presence
  • Relationships – relates well to all children of all ages and adults
  • School Values – demonstrated ability to consistently live our school values

Students interested in this role are involved in a very detailed and extensive selection process at the beginning of each school year.

This year our school captains are Bailey, Gemma, Jye Madalyn, Ryder and Kiera


House Captains

House Captains are made up of 16 students. 4 students for each house team (Bradman, Freeman, Sturt and Flinders). House Captains are in Years 6 & 7 and elected by their peers via a ballot. House captains help organise and run events with house teams such as Sports Days, Nude Food Day, P.E. Week and set up for Friday afternoon sports. They encourage participation and enjoyment for all students.


SRC (Student Representative Committee)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of 2 students from each class. To become this chosen representative each class holds elections where students have the chance to prepare a short presentation as to why they should be elected to represent their class. The class then holds a ballot to elect their representative.

The SRC Rep takes their classes’ ideas and suggestions to SRC meetings which occur fortnightly then reports back to the class on the meetings outcomes.

SRC gives students a voice to make suggestions and be involved in decisions for school initiatives and improvements at Fulham North, provides input into fundraising events, disco themes and deciding on charities for gold coin donation days.


Enviro Kids

The Enviro Kids are a group of 6 to 8 students who have a variety of roles around the school. These include:

  1. Being responsible for the school garden beds. They are required to help plant, maintain and harvest vegetables for Giant Soup and Salad Day. They also help organise and serve students on these days.
  2. Students are required for planting and watering of trees around the school.
  3. Promoting recycling throughout the school including educating students on the difference between rubbish, recyclables and compost materials and ensuring that bins provided are used correctly.
  4. Speaking regularly at assemblies to help educate and remind students about important environmental issues.
  5. Promoting Nude Food Day which occurs once each term.

 To become a member of the Enviro Kids leadership group students in Upper Primary are required to apply and demonstrate the school values at all times.

Media Crew

The Media Crew are year 7 leaders who show an interest in Sound Engineering. They are trained to set up and run sound and vision for the school assemblies and other whole school events.