School Captains 2018

Fulham North Primary School has a tradition of appointing female and male captains each year. School Captains are chosen by the principal, senior school students and staff each year following consideration of all year 7 students against the following criteria:

  1. Leadership – responsibility, reliability, initiative, self-confidence and respect by peers
  2. Example – appropriate behaviour, common sense, curtesy and wearing uniform
  3. Public Speaking – articulate delivery, confidence and presence
  4. Relationships – relates well to all children of all ages and adults
  5. School Values – demonstrated ability to consistently live our school values

Students interested in this role are involved in a very detailed and extensive selection process at the beginning of each school year.

Luka, Robert, Ella and Anjali

House Captains


SRC (Student Representative Committee)


Enviro Kids


Media Crew