Indonesian Day!

August 15, 2019 0 comments

Students at Fulham North Primary School have Celebrated Indonesian culture and language with Indonesian Day! Students have participated in a range of activities activities across the day which included:

Junior Primary Students

  • Ondel Ondel
  • Kancil Tricks Crocodile
  • Balinese Garlands
  • Batik Fan
  • Rice Hat
  • Rokatenda
  • Games and Quizzes


Middle Primary Students

  • Houses 
  • Tari Saman Dance
  • Congklak and Quiz
  • Indonesian Plays
  • Fish Weaving

Our Upper primary students have done a fantastic job of leading the activities for the junior and middle primary students.

The students also celebrated with a special recess of a frog in a pond with red Jelly and a  white frog to represent the Indonesian colours.

We would like to thank Briony Wakefield for all her hard work in preparing an amazing and successful day of learning and celebration of Indonesian culture!!

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