Rap, Rhyme & Rhythm 2019

July 05, 2019 0 comments

On Tuesday, 25 June, we held our annual Rap, Rhyme and Rhythm performance in the Gym, and what a performance it was! The String Ensemble, conducted by Iarla Bastians, kick -started the evening, followed by a warm welcome from our comperes, who did a magnificent job of keeping the evening running smoothly, as did the media crew.

The individual and small group poetry performances were all of a high standard, with special mention to those performers who stepped in at the last minute to take the place of non-attendees, or who performed solo when they expected to be on stage with a friend.

The Percussion Band, directed by Heather McDonald, and the Dance Troupe, choreographed by Nicole Hooke, showcased their exceptional talent. The Junior Choir wowed the audience with their performance, and the Festival Choir demonstrated why they are one of the best in the state. And the finale, Himeji, with the Festival Choir, Junior Choir and Percussion Band performing together, was a fantastic end to a great night of entertainment.

Thanks also to the our school photographers who photographed the evening.

Congratulations to all performers on a fantastic Rap, Rhyme and Rhythm evening. I’m already looking forward to the 2020 performance!

Kristin Martin, teacher and RRR co-ordinator

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